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"Shi Piao" pot

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Product Description
Product name: "Shi Piao" pot
Volume: 210ml
Method: handmade
Material: Yixing original ore purple sand
Place of Origin: Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China

The classic colors are bright, cute and beautiful.
The coffee table is an ornament or a gift for the elders. (Including gift box)

1. No tea fragrance, no soup taste. Use a purple clay teapot to make tea, the color, fragrance and taste are all good.
2. The teapot is breathable. After the teapot is used for a period of time, the stomata of the teapot will absorb the taste of tea, even if it is empty, it will emit a light tea fragrance, and the color of the teapot will become more shiny and shiny.

All works are handmade, each work will be different, if it is slightly different from the photos, I hope your understanding.