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Teapot Craftsman

"Lian Zi" pot

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Product Description
Product name: "Lian Zi" pot
Volume: 260ml
Method: handmade
Material: Yixing original ore purple sand
Place of Origin: Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China

The classic colors are bright, cute and beautiful.
The coffee table is an ornament or a gift for the elders. (Including gift box)

1. No tea fragrance, no soup taste. Use a purple clay teapot to make tea, the color, fragrance and taste are all good.
2. The teapot is breathable. After the teapot is used for a period of time, the stomata of the teapot will absorb the taste of tea, even if it is empty, it will emit a light tea fragrance, and the color of the teapot will become more shiny and shiny.